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Youfa certified BIS report in India

Youfa certified BIS report in India

Oct 21,2019

The Bureau of Indian Standards (ISI certification logo) is responsible for product certification.

Through unremitting efforts, Youfa has become one of the only three steel pipe enterprises with BIS certificate in China. This certificate opens up a new situation for Youfa to export round pipe and thick wall square rectangular pipe to India. Indian local companies are highly aware of this certificate. BIS is a third-party certification, and products certified by BIS are labeled ISI, which has a huge impact in India and neighboring countries. Good reputation is the reliable guarantee of product quality. Once the product is labeled with ISI logo, it meets relevant standards in India and consumers can buy it with confidence.

For the Indian market, BIS certificate must be obtained by the exporter if the round pipe or square pipe with wall thickness of more than 2mm. Through the investigation and visit of the sales staff to the local enterprises in India, Tenny Jose, an Indian customer of our company, proposed that they could help apply for the certification. Our company officially launched BIS certificate on July 15, 2017. After two years, our company was finally listed on BIS website in India.

Through our two-years efforts, we finally passed the BIS certification. This certification is highly recognized in the Indian market. Onerous materials were submitted, in addition to the production process, material list some conventional materials, such as to submit laboratory equipment, and the efficacy of all the equipment certificate, even submit equipment drawings, equipment of the factory is located in figure. These materials need the coordination of the company's leadership and the strong support of the factory staff, to be successfully solved.

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